Cloudy Water - Levels OK


Jul 15, 2008
austin, tx
Hi everyone,
So after a partial drain a few months ago due to high CYA and high CH levels, I switched to the BBB method. Everything has been great, water has been perfect. The partial drain didn't help my CYA levels too much, so I've had to maintain a pretty high FC level. Earlier this week I went outside and my water was pretty cloudy! I checked my FC level and it was at a good level. I then shocked it thinking somehow a small algae bloom might have snuck in. Since then the cloudiness has reduced a bit, but it's still there. Two things: 1) I lost a skimmer sock down the drain a few days before the cloudiness started and 2) a big rainstorm came through the night before the cloudiness started.

I can see how the rain might have caused it, and the cloudiness is just dirt? But any chance the lost skimmer sock could be affecting things?