cloudy water/ filtration poblems/ possible filter replacemen


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Jun 8, 2010
Atascadero, CA
Just opened my pool for the summer and I am experiencing what I believe is a filtering issue, as the water is still cloudy. Sand has not been changed in 5 yrs. but I added "Fiber Clear" to the skimmer & and a clarifier to the water, & then ran the pump for 24 hrs. I have no problem changing the sand but there may be another issue. My Tahitian HR-25 sand filter does not have removable laterals . I was told by a friend that if some sand is "spit" back into the pool after backwashing , the laterals may need to be replaced (not sure why)? If this is the case what would I be looking for upon inspection? Don't want the filter system to be down too long with 90 degree temps. I really appreciate any advise offered.

PH: 7.2
Chlorine level: between 1ppm-2ppm
Stabiliser: 30ppm
Calcium, Alkalinity,TDS levels unknown


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May 20, 2007
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Have you read pool school? I don't think this is a filtration issue - I'd suspect you haven't properly shocked the pool. Your FC is too low for a CYA of 30.

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Apr 17, 2010
I agree with FPM. First you definitely need a good test kit so you can test ALL of your levels. You need to do this in the evening and morning to be sure your cloudiness isn't organic. Since March, seems I've been through all the issues with my pool this year. Until I bought the recommended pool kit here I was just guessing and trying to follow what worked at the other house and pool and of course using the pool store which was just costly. You may very well need new sand. There's posts on here about recommendations for cleaning your sand and checking to see if it is channeled. Definitely read pool school and get a recommended test kit. It will pay for itself and you'll be able to take complete control and rule out organics.

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