Cloudy water but chlorine numbers seem fine


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Aug 3, 2018
Hello all, we got a swg 30x16 vinyl liner pool installed last fall. Opened it up in the middle of May and other than the lousy weather things have been fine.

I’m slowly getting the levels up to TFP recommendations. Last nights test was:

FC: 4.5
CC: 0.5(water barley turned pink after 0003 addition
pH: 7.8
TA: 80
CH: 100
CYA: 60
Salt: 3620

Everything was going well until yesterday. I got home from work and the water was noticeably cloudy. You can still see the bottom easily but it was cleaner the day before.

In slowly building the CYA levels up as I don’t want to over shoot and I’m assuming with the last addition of CYA to get to 70 it will drop my pH a little.

Any thoughts on what would be causing the cloudiness? This is prime pollen time up here but the pump runs 12 lower rpm and then 12 high at night and the filter pressure is fine.

You input is much appreciated.



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May 3, 2014
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You can always do a Overnight Chlorine Loss Test. Be sure the SWCG is off during it. Also raise your FC with liquid chlorine to 10 ppm or so if doing a OCLT.

Sometimes high pH can make the water appear dull. Check the pH and if necessary drop it to 7.6.