Cloudy Water -- At my wits end!!


Jun 14, 2010
I have had my pool open for 4 weeks already. When we uncovered it, the water was brown (not sure why). Shocked and treated and now the pool water is pretty well balance and not discolored in any way. If it werent cloudy things would be perfect. We have tried shock, floc, Pool First Aid, filtering non-stop, and blind vacuuming.. etc etc etc... To no avail, we are still cloudy. I can see maybe 15 inches into the pool but thats about it. Here are the particulars:

Pool Size: 22,000 gals. (In Ground)
Type of Filter: Sand (with 5 year old sand, Time to change it?)
Type of Pool: Inground, Vinyl Liner
Pump Size: 1.5 H.P.
FC - 2.0
CC - 2.0
pH - 7.4
TA - 130
CH - 200


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Nov 18, 2009
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Is that CC measurement right? If so you need to shock (the process, not the product).

What is your CYA? This is critical information in order to know what FC level you should maintain.

I suspect that your FC is too low for your CYA even for maintenance level let alone shock level.

How do you chlorinate your pool?


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Cleaning the sand bed or inspecting the sand bed may help ........maybe/maybe not.

What will almost always clear your pool is to shock it properly throught the Shock Process described in "How to Shock Your Pool" up in Pool School. Read that, ask questions if you need to, and perform that process. YOur pool will clear.
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