Cloudy Water - Anything more I should be doing?


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Jun 4, 2011
I have an Intex inflatable ring pool (3300 gal) and I went on vacation without adding enough Chlorine to keep it where it needs to be (I use bleach as my Chlorine source). Came home Sunday night to fairly clear water but quite a bit of algae. I scrubbed the entire pool which of course turned it a cloudy green mess, and brought it up to shock level of 15. I wasn't able to test it until the following afternoon and FC was at 9ppm, pool had turned from green to cloudy white. Brought back up to 15ppm last night, scrubbed again and when I tested this morning, was still at 15ppm. Here are my other values:

FC – 9
CC – 0
TA – 100
CH – 60
CYA – 30
PH – 7.5

My question is, other than running the filter 24/7 is there anything else I can do to help it clear up faster? I have doubts that the small cartridge filter will even be able to accomplish the task (I will continue cleaning filter daily). Is it safe for kids to swim in the cloudy water and with shock level at 15ppm? How long should I maintain that level? Should I add clarifier? Thanks a lot. I have learned tons from this website and love my TF-100 test kit.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Anecdotal history here on the forum has taught us those darn Intex filters are really too small and I think you are right.....they may not clear your pool.

Because of that, there's a couple of alternatives I would consider based on cost......

1. Dump the pool and start over with fresh water. Have plenty of FC in there as you fill but you should end up with a crystal clear pool.

2. If it's noticeably cheaper than dumping, you could try some clarifier. There are mixed reports of it working or not working so you may waste your time and your money but you may have excellent results.

I am only suggesting either of these because of the inadequacy of the Intex Filters. A properly sized pump and filters will clear most pools....Intex just undersized them.


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Jun 4, 2011
Thanks, any particular clarifier I should use if I go that route. In the past I've dumped and re-filled but wanted to give this one at shot at recovery. Also, if I decided to upgrade the filter, any recommendations on what I would need to make it worth while.


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Jul 30, 2010
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Welcome to tfp, rgammons :wave:

The intex sand filters work fairly well and have gotten good reviews on here. For your size pool I would go for the 1600 gph sand filter.


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Jul 21, 2010
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If you want to try with your existing filter, plan on running the pump nearly 24/7 and changing and cleaning the filters as often as you can. A cup of DE may be used to improve the filter's performance. Others have used filter socks, paper towel around the filter Cartridge and "slimebags on the return bu these require you give the pool more attention during the time to keep the pressures down and the water flowing.