Cloudy water and sand near jets


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Mar 20, 2019
Burkburnett, Tx
I have Taylor 2006 K test kit. My chemistry is as follows
PH 7.6
ALK 100
CH 350
CYA 58
We use 10% liquid chlorine as our sanitizer.
I Live in north Texas so I keep the CYA a little on the high side because our pool gets a lot of sun.

I have 2 issues.
First my pool clouds up after almost every swim. I always add a little chlorine after we have big swim parties to sanitize any contaminants. What usually clears my pool up is running it all day and all night and most of the next day, that's great and all but I really dont want to see what my electric bill is about to be. I also add about 1/2 - 1 cup of d.e. after backwashing. Is there anything else I can look into for helping prevent or clear up the cloudiness quicker.

Problem 2. Sand.
After my automatic (not robot) vacuum runs around I end up with sand back in my pool around the spa area and jet in the shallow end of my pool. The next day it will look like I never even vacuumed. My thought was the laterals. My husband I took apart our sand filter and inspected the laterals and the whole piping assembly we did not see even the smallest hairline crack in any of it. We are gonna put new sand in it tomorrow. Although it looks like the filter and multiport valve were all replaced in 2016 so it should still be in good condition. We bought the house last year in August.

Ps. By spa I do not mean a heated separate area of my pool. It is just a seating area in shallow end with jets at your back and jets down by your feet.
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 8, 2018
Welcome to the forum. Can you tell us more about yourself? How have you maintained the pool chemistry? Are you familiar with and do you follow the TFP methods? Just in case, I will give you a few links of suggested reading.

Your chemistry looks to be within a decent range for a vinyl pool. Do you follow the Chlorine / CYA Chart - Trouble Free Pool The cloudiness after a large bather load could be a number of things. If the FC ever happens to drop below 5 (based on your CYA of 60), it is an invitation for something to grow. Could it be dust/dirt that got dragged into the pool from people getting in and out of the pool that is suspended in the water?

As for the second issue, are you 100% sure it is sand? When you brush it, does it poof up? I wonder if it is possible you are seeing dead algae and it is not really sand at all? How often do you have to backwash and do you rinse for a good amount of time after the backwash?

If indeed it is sand, there have been some reports (including one from me) where Quickrete sand has been a problem in certain areas of the country, their sand that I bought was no where near the correct size and quickly shot past my laterals and into the pool. I no longer have a sand filter, but my experience with that particular brand of sand left a lot to be desired. However, I would expect it to blow some sand all the time, not just after you run your vacuum, unless there is some kind of pressure change in your filter when the vacuum is running that releases when the vacuum is finished.
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