cloudy tests after adding baking soda


Apr 7, 2016
Aliso Viejo/CA
FC 6
PH 7.6
TA 50
CH 1250
CYA 70
CSI -0.27

keeping a tight reign on chems really keeps my salt cell clean.
but adding all the acid each summer while salt cell running to keep PH down drives my TA down.
TA stays pretty much at 50 but by end of summer each year TA dances down in the 40's (each winter i turn off cell and use chlorine)
this year i decided to bump TA by adding baking soda (i have never added anything to move TA before)
very next chlorine drop test was cloudy, not clear as usual and TA test does not turn RED like always, red... but not... RED.
i read other 'cloudy test' threads but nothing was hinted at for a cause of cloudiness.
thought i'd share this data point and see if any others have directly correlated adding soda to getting cloudy test results.

18 year old 13k gallon plaster pool, SWG summer, chlorine winter, TF100 test kit


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Raising your TA with your high CH caused the pH to suddenly rise and the calcium to come out of solution and cloud up. It should clear up in a while.

What specifc brand did you use to raise your TA? How much did you add?