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Jun 16, 2012
HI, new to TFP glad to have found you as we have spent over $500 on pool chemicals this year so far and still had a green pool (2 Green to Clean, shock, metal free, phosph free, clarifyer, copper algicide etc...). Found this site and followed the instructions to clear up a very green pool. Have added about 10 gallons of bleach. Our pool is now very blue!!! We have ordered the TFT test kit but have not received it yet. The only problem is that the pool is still very cloudy.
Took water to Leslies this morning -
FAC - 5
pH - 7.4
TA - 160
CYA - 100+
Calcium Hardness - 240
Total Dissolved Solids - 1400
Phosphates - 100
Don't know CC
Vinyl in ground pool, Hayward Sand Filter, 25,000 gallons, 3/4 Hayward pump

Because CYA is so high we are now draining some of the water out of the pool and refilling with new water per instructions on site.
Any other advise would be very welcome as we are broke and frustrate at this point!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum. :lol:

Draining enough to get your CYA down around 50ppm is probably the single best thing you can do for your pool.

The cloudiness may take some patience and diligence. Brush the sides and vacuum the floor daily. Run pump 24/7, backwash the sand filter every time the psi goes up 25%.

Keep your chlorine up around 6-10ppm for now until that cloudiness clears.

Pool stores are infamous for bad test results so posting up yours when you get your kit will be very helpful.