Cloudy pool with white suspended particles

hi ,
I am a first time pool owner. I opened the pool this season and everything looked good for a while. I left it in attainder for a week to return to mustard and green algae in the pool. I have been shocking the pool for a week and the FC is almost non existent every morning when I tweet the water. I just learnt about the slam process and started doing it . My most recent test shows
FC 0.12
PH 7.2
ALK 78
CYA 10

Every night after I shock the pool, the next morning I see a black cloud in the bottom of pool, which I vacuum to waste. At the moment, I don’t see any algae in the walls of the pool, however the water is very cloudy and haswhite suspended particles that just don’t go away. Not sure if that is algae or something else.
Please see picture below . I tried flocking, didn’t help. Tonight the FC is at 5 , will test in the morning to see if it holds .

the next problem, the pressure gauge shows max pressure when pump is on and show 25 PSI when pump is off. Water flowfrom the jet seems to be normal. I have backwashes and Rinsed multiple times , but the pressure doesn’t come back to 0. Even if I open the pump skimmer basket , the system de pressure I’ve and comes to 20 and never below. I remember it being at 0 when not in use at the big inning of the season. I am guessing the pressure gauge is broken, am I missing anything obvious, should I call someone to fix it ?



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What test kit are you using? We disregard results from test strips and pool stores, as they are notoriously unreliable. We recommend either TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C, links in my signature below. Doing your own testing is far superior, as you have a vested interest in your pool and its health -- pool stores don't.

Next, if your CYA is 10, it's far too low. But we won't know for sure what it is until you have your test kit, so that will have to wait.

While you wait for a proper test kit, the first thing you should do is give your filter a good Deep Cleaning. Hopefully the floc didn't ruin your sand -- if it's all gummed up, you'll need to replace it. The sand, not the filter.

Also while waiting for your test kit, start adding 5 ppm liquid chlorine to your pool daily. You can calculate that using PoolMath. In your case, with a questionable level of CYA, I'd add 5 ppm morning and night.

After your test kit gets to you, run a full complement of tests and post back. Report them like this
and read up on SLAM Process. We can help you get your water crystal clear!