Cloudy Pool Water and we have tried everything!


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Jul 12, 2020
Hampstead NC
Hello all, I live 5 minutes from Surf City NC, and of course like most locals we don’t frequent the beach unless it’s after Labor Day, or we have too! We have a 20x48 above ground pool, quickly let me add..we have well water with a softener, its just my husband or me at home. Weekly my daughter and my granddaughter will come to swim, along with my son. It was been 95 here in the shade and it has rained probably everyday with 100% humidity.
Of course after filling the pool, we had yellow rusty water, we used Clorox Rust and Metal Stain Treatment and brushed it to get rid of it. We tested the water and after having issues with it not showing any chlorine levels at all, even after double shocking and a chlorine tablet floater of course, we managed to fix the problem. The issue we have now; looking at the pool the water is crystal clear however the second your foot hits the bottom of the pool you can visually see the clouds (looks like rolling smoke) come up and we have cloudy murky water. We have probably spent well over $500 in the last month on Clarifier, PH up, calcium hardness, and more. I feel like each time we test it’s a new product it says we need? Nothing is helping??

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: Sounds like you've been down the pool store road once too many. Let me give you some tips:
- If you fill from a well or have a high city water iron content, remember that iron has to be removed from water otherwise you have to treat it chemically. Not always easy. But in all cases, algae must be treated first before trying to treat for iron staining or discoloration.
- You must have a TF-100 (link in my signature) or Taylor K-2006 test kit. See Test Kits Compared
- To remove algae, we use the SLAM Process. Once you pass all 3 criteria, the algae will be gone but then you have to treat for the iron. Remember, algae first - iron second.
- Update your signature with all of your pool and equipment ifo. We need to see what you have.
- Read our ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and those Vital Links in my signature. You'll need them
- To chlorinate, use only liquid pool chlorine or regular bleach. Avoid pool store potions and powders.

When you get your test kit, post a full set of water test results and we'll help you through this.
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Jun 11, 2018
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While waiting add enough liquid chlorine to reach 5ppm to stave off algae a bit. Plain chlorine, no additives. Something like pool essentials from Walmart or even household bleach. Use pool math app to calculate amount needed. Be sure to select correct % when using app.

Please take the time to enter your pool information in your signature. Helps the experts help you! And saves time so you don’t have to retype it for new questions. 😀. Settings/signature. See ours for examples. If on a phone, you need to turn sideways to see signature.

Test kit is well worth the investment. Way more accurate than test strips or pool store tests. Once you have your results the experts here can guide you on how to fix and maintain your pool. Using for the most part plain, cheap household chemicals.
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Jul 10, 2012
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HI and Welcome! Yeah this:
I feel like each time we test it’s a new product it says we need? Nothing is helping??
is what we call "pool stored"...........oh this is wrong? Here buy this! Oh now this is wrong? Well buy this! Over and over and over and it all adds up fast.

I have been there, done that to the point I "lost" the pool liner :( My water was so off the liner "rotted" out and let go with me in the pool! Thankfully I was by the side of the pool and was able to hold onto the deck while all 26,500 gals of water rushed out trying to take me with it. NOT a fun time in my life!

Since finding TFP I have never stepped foot into another pool store and my pool has never looked better.

I am going to share a VERY neat link with you! It shows you what we use to balance our pools:
Most of this can be bought at Walmart and Lowes! How neat is that????

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