Cloudy pool since opening day ! Help


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Jul 6, 2019
Trenton, NJ
I’ve been back and forth to three pool stores multiple times this month. Has me use alkaline, calcium, clarifier, flock. Now back to super shocking. Still constant cloudiness but no algae Help!

Hardness 250
Total chlorine .5 even after shock last night
Feee chlorine .5
Ph 7.6
Alkaline 120
Cya 40


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May 3, 2014
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-40


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Jul 10, 2012
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HI Erin! Marty has given you some solid advice up there! What has happened to you is being "pool stored". They will see you something to bring the ph up one day THEN turn around and say..........oops your ph is too high now add this to bring it back down :( They don't have YOUR best interest in mind. They are there to sell you stuff. Yeah their test it "free" but is it really when you walk out of there with your arms full but your wallet empty.

At TFP we are NOT here to sell you any thing. Yeah you will need a test kit but you buy it on your own NOT from us! We do have a couple we endorse as we have found they have the regents we use.

Testing your own water-it is VERY easy. We have written directions as well as videos! We can/will walk you through everything. After you do a couple/few times you will have it dialed in and be able to do it without any problem.

Cloudy water-you either had an algae bloom or are on the way to way. For now add the chlorine Marty told you to AND keep the pump/filter running 24/7 so your filter is able to catch the dead algae.

You are going to LOVE how clear your pool is after you get done with it AND your wallet will love being fuller since you don't have to go to the pool store any more!!

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Jun 8, 2019
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Welcome! I was in your position last month and the amazing people here have helped so much and my pool is sparkly clean! You are in the right place. With a little reading and learning and a good test kit, you can kiss the pool store and their antics goodbye!

Your free chlorine is almost zero, that should be the first thing you address once you get a good kit like the Taylor K-2006 of the TF-100. They're both $50+ but that will save you sooooooo much money chemicals, pool store trips and headaches.

Also, I can't say how much I'm loving the Pool Math app. Make sure you subscribe, its only $8 a year and keeps track of literally everything, even your expenses, and tells you what and how much to add. Oh! And it's linked to your forum account so the experts can see your numbers and chemical additions and really help you more.
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