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May 14, 2008
Houston, TX

Hi there! My First Post! I am new to the forum and have used it many times in the past when I had something I could not fix.... Last weekend I started the stain removal process. I have done everything correctly (so I thought :? ) and just as the stains started to lighten up I noticed the water beginning to cloud (within 4 hours) I had put in 2 lbs of ascorbic acid and 1 (33 oz)bottle of metal free (Natural Chemistry). I am running my filter 24/7 and backwashed it yesterday which did nothing to help. My water is blue and has teeny tiny white particles all in it. :(
the pool is 18500 gallons
My numbers are:
CL- all of them... 0.0
I am frustrated as it took me almost a month to clear it on startup and buying a new sand filter.. I replastered last year and have the diamondbrite finish...
The clouding is normal...the ascorbic acid destroys all you chlorine and you probably have the start of an algae bloom. Did you add a dose of polyquat 60 to help prevent it? All you can really do right now is keep adding enough chlorine to bring your FC up to about 3 ppm and add the polyquat. If you shock the stains will probably reappear.

The cloudiness could also be in part from the metals dissolving into the water. That can occur also but since your chlorine is at 0 ppm I suspect that you might have the start of an algae bloom.