Cloudy/Hazy Light Blue Pool


May 9, 2019
Kitchener, Ont
First time pool owner. Opened it about 16 days ago (Ontario). Attached are picture from when it opened, a bit of a transition picture and what it looks like now.

About the Pool (18' x 36' widest parts):
- 90,000L
- Chlorine
- Sand Filter

*Filter has been consistently running for 16 days, since we opened.

Our PSI stays at about 11 and doesn't really go up too much. Have a taylor kit + using pool math calculator it looks like we're in the right range of numbers for everything (only off number is our CYA is at about <20 the only thing that's off, pool store read it at 4 but I know they aren't usually great). I can see through the deep end which I could not do, but it's VERY cloudy. We have tried also adding DE (Dicalite) and it does seem to bring the PSI up a bit but not making much of a difference. We have SLAM for about a week. Our CC was up by 2 but now has come down to <0.5. The last picture with the close up is the current state of the pool. Is it just a waiting game or is there anything we can do to speed up the process? Could it be the filter (we have checked to confirm that the DE wasn't coming back in or anything of that sort)? We have also used a filter cleaner around when we opened it.



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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Clarifier is glue. It will gum up your sand filter and may require you to clean it out and replace the sand. Do not use it, ever.

Keep at the SLAM. Keep the water stirred up (brush, robot, etc) to get the solids to the filter. Keep use the DE to make the filter 'dirty' so it filters better.