Cloudy blue water


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Mar 20, 2021
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Hi, I'm hoping to get some help and ideas on an interesting issue this season.

When I started working on the pool for this season, it was a 2 ft and I was able to balance it and it was a bit cloudy blue.
I filled it up and done another shock, waited and did clarifier. The blue cloudiness is still there and it's still balanced. Pump runs at least 8 hrs every day.
On Wednesday, I took a sample to the pool place and from the results mentioned if it doesn't clear up in a couple days to triple shock it.
Last night I triple shocked it, but today it still has that blue cloudiness. I know it'll take a bit for the triple to do it's thing, but still confused.

Is there something I'm missing?

Results from pool store test on Wednesday...
FAC .44 low
TC 5.67 hi
CC 5.23 hi
ph 7.3 ok
TA input 96
TA adjusted 80 ok
CH 162 low
CYA 49 ok
Copper/Iron 0 ok
Phosphates 4063 hi
Saturation index -0.2 balanced


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Welcome to TFP! I’d like to introduce you to our way of caring for a pool and the basics to get you going. ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

Please take some time to get acquainted with the ABC’s. We’ll also say that you’ll need to get a recommended test kit and do your own testing. Pool store testing (not good counter to what you’d think) and the items you’ve been putting in your pool so far are keeping you from having success. Test Kits Compared

You need to take ownership of your pool and we are here to help you. Your pool is on the borderline size wise of scrapping pool water and starting over if it gets really green. But yours isn’t too bad but you need to follow the SLAM Process. Read and re-read that process then ask questions and get started. The cloudiness you see is algae trying to take over your pool. The SLAM process does require a recommended test kit in order to measure FC at high levels. I recommend the TF-100 from and speedstir/Smart stir to assist with testing.

Don‘t use clarifiers anymore. You may have already gummed up your filter by doing so. What kind of filter do you have?