Cloudy and Cool Weekend - Will Tweak My #'s today


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Jan 7, 2008
My CL dropped again to 2.5 overnight, although it did rain last night fairly heavy and it was sunny and warm all day until we returned from running errands so we missed our pool Since it is cloudy and cool here in NY today and chances of us swimming are slim to none, and the remainder of the weekend is iffy too, this is my chance to adjust and add CH to 200 from 110 and add some more CL.

I did add stabilizer yesterday which would add about 15ppm to our pool, to a level somewhere around 50 so I was surprised that my Cl dropped again. I did read under the shocking pool on the pool calculator that when CYA levels are between 30-50, you can lose 1/2 to 2/3 of your CL levels per "sunny" day.

I guess since it will be cloudy, today will be a good test to see if my CL holds fairly steady. We also received our solar blanket yesterday, so we will put that on as well.

Is there any benefit to raising my CL levels above 5-6, say to 8, but not shock levels? I don't want to waste my bleach if there is no benefit. I know if I was to raise the level to 8, the sun would come out full force though and we would end up staring at the

Thanks and Happy 4th of July!!!


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
How much FC are you losing overnight? You said it dropped to 2.5, but from where?

If your are losing more than 1.0 ppm of FC overnight and/or your water is cloudy/tinted or you have CC above 0.5 you need to maintain shock levels. Otherwise, enjoy your pool!


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Apr 17, 2007
My CYA right now is 50 after I adjusted it from almost 30 last week or so.

I bring my FC level up to 7-8 ppm every evening. I try to maintain atleast 4.5 ppm at minimum and going to 7-8 ppm a night is working for me.

At present, I am losing 2.5 FC a day to the sun and swimmers.


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Jan 7, 2008
Granted it is hazy and I tested now at 12:30, later in the day than usual, but it seems I lost 2ppm CL since yesterday morning. Since it has been longer than 24hours, may not be a big issue. My water is very clear and my CC's have always been "0" so I am not concerned about algae now. We did put the solar cover on last night for the first time.

Since we are losing alot of Cl from one day to the next I do not suspect algae, I will take the advice of Casey and increase my Cl to 7-8ppm b/f shutting down for the night.

1) do I need to remove the solar cover to add more bleach?

2) Re: calcium says on the container to NOT predissolve since it gets hot. My friend tells me to predissolve everything.

3) when testing for CL or TA for that matter..if I know my #'s will be on the higher end, can I add more than one drop at a time? My TA is at 90 right now, so can I add 5 drops an dthen start adding one at a time from that point? Same with testing for Cl right after adding bleach with a target of 5-6ppm...can I add 3 drops initially and then one at a time?