Cloudt Burst On Startup


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Jul 17, 2010
We have a 48"x24' round above the ground pool, with a Hayward pump/filter that's pretty old. We don't know the exact age, but it's 10+ years. It came with the house.
Only after bumping this happens. We get a cloudy burst from the outlet for about 5-6 seconds at start-up. It's not bubbles. Also, we have had the vacuum stick to the floor of the pool, and when this happens, we see cream colored ( DE colored? ) water churning in the pre-impeller basket. I have never seen this before, but saw the cloudy burst last year as well.
I initially thought it was algae, but me chemistry is in spec and I have been shocking the pool regular due to use and the heat.
Any ideas will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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May 10, 2010
SW Louisiana
Which model Hayward filter do you have? I assume it is one of the finger style DE units with a bump handle (is the bump handle a thing you pull straight up on like a vertical big old style car headlight switch, or is it like a slot machine like lever arm mounted on its side?) I am not sure about the older generation, but the current perflex filters have a one way valve (they have went through a couple of design revisions according to the parts diagram) to keep DE mixed with water from back feeding into the pump basket, I know it does not entirely work on mine. The DE coming out the return is most likely caused by a hole in one of your filter fingers, these can be individually replaced, however be aware a complete set of filter fingers ends up costing more than buying a whole new filter from one of the discounters (I assume Hayward has much higher mark up on parts).



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Jul 17, 2010
Thanks. The filter is an EC-40. The motor is something-Flo, and I can not make out what the pump is either. Haywards site says this for DE returning to the pool:

(b) Perflex “Bump” Filter.
(1) Too much DE
(2)Tear in the fabric of the fingers
(3) Bad diaphragm gasket
(4) Cracked tube sheet(s)
(5) Loose or missing tube sheet bolts
(6)Bad o-rings on the bump shaft

I usually take it apart once during the season and hose it out and replace the DE. I'll try that and put less DE back in and see if that was it. I'll look for the other problems when I take it apart.
Thanks again, I'll post back.
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