Cloudiness remains, TA off the chart, trying to get it right


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Jun 8, 2010
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Hi again, new to the website. Good advise by FPM & TNBandmom from my first post. Read and reread PS, applicable posts,used Pool Calculator & purchased a TF-100 test kit. This rookie still has a ways to go, so be gentle.

Resent History: Rid pool of all organic matter (leaves, pine needles, algae), after winter neglect. Pool is blue again after much vacuuming, filtering and a couple of shock treatments, although improved, cloudiness remains & white line present @ water level.

The Facts:
FC & TC 8ppm ( added one gal.10% sod hypo 12 hrs. prior to reading. Usually no chlorine present after 3 days).
pH 7.4 (added 1.5 gal. muriatic acid over a one week period. I've noticed my pH does tend to rise).
TA 190 ppm (wow)
CH 210 ppm May be too low? Normal range 250 ppm- 350 ppm according to Pool Wizard. Doesn't differentiate between vinyl and plaster
CYA In dispute, Pool store reading: 30 ppm. TF 100 reading: >10 ppm (can still see black dot when tube is completely full). Taken twice.
No other tests preformed.
I read that if TA is too high, it will cause pH to rise, chlorine will loose its efficiency as a disinfectant and water will become cloudy. Source: Pool Wizard. Should I build & install an aerator, following directions for lowering TA. Thanks for any help that may be provided. DPKing


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May 20, 2007
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The alk drops sometimes have a static issue that can lead to small drops. Small drops of reagent mean more drops used, leading the uninformed to believe the alk level is higher than it is. Wiping the tip of the the dropper bottle after each drop with a damp cloth solves this. Please retest.

Believe your TF-100 about the CYA



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May 7, 2007
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After double checking to be sure the TA results are correct, you do want to continue lowering your TA level. However, there is no need to be in a hurry about that. Just lower your PH to 7.2 any time it gets up to 7.8 and the TA will eventually go down.

You need to get your CYA level up to around 40 to 50. As PoolGuyNJ said, trust your own test results, not the pool store.

Chlorine needs to be added every day.
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