Closing Pool


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Jul 27, 2014
Ponca City, OK
First time ever closing. We are getting ready to get a real frigid cold spell (overnight temps dropping to the high 20's for the next week, beginning this Monday night, with day time highs only in the 30's and 40's). My situation, I don't have a clue what I am doing. Went to a poll store today and they advised some shock wave, Sea Klear 90 day Algae Prevention & Remover, Pool Magic and a couple of Gizzmo's and some plugs. Will these things really do the job, or am I just sniffing in.the wind here? Is this all I need to close?


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May 17, 2014
Benton, KY
You need balanced water, something to blow the lines, RV antifreeze if you want extra protection, and the plugs/gizmos. None of that other junk.