closing an above Ground Vinyl pool


Sep 3, 2019
Charlotte NC
I've been a TFP member for years (Johnny B) but for this situation I am posting under OhEc here.
OhEc is a friend and a new pool owner, he inherited/was given his neighbors pool We got the water chemistry under control, proper TF100 test kit etc

I know all about closing my in ground plaster pool but no idea what to do for above ground vinyl like this one in our Charlotte NC location .
We drain it completely then tarp it to keep the rain out?
If we drain it completely ,we then tear it down & just put it up again next spring?

Or we just disconnect the pump & hose because it'll freeze up for sure in the cold snaps we get ( can be in the teens for a few days staright, even single digits on occasion). How low do we lower the water & why?

We shock & algaecide prior to lowering like I do my plaster pool?

All comments welcomed. Thank you



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ

Any draining puts your liner at risk.

Lower the water, plug the returns and skimmer, winterize the pump, and cover the pool. You have a good cover for it?