Closing a waste line?


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May 7, 2017
IMG_1227.jpgWe are trying to get an old pool back up in working order. The pool guy determined we had a leak in our Polaris line. Rather than tearing up the concrete to get to the leaking pipe, he suggested capping the line until we were financially ready for the big overhaul. He capped what he called the Polaris line, and 2 days later we lost pressure in the filter and can't even vaccuum using the skimmer. We have had so many trust issues with this pool guy, so I just want to know what I'm getting into before contacting him again. I googled the filter, pump and multi port valve installed and here's what I noticed .. There is no Polaris line. I assume the line with the purple is the one he capped, which by everything I can tell is the waste line. When I set the valve on waste, however, water does come out of the back. Can anyone help? Would this cause the loss of pressure and filtering? Is it even possible to have a Polaris line there instead of waste?
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