Clorine Level and Boric Acid


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Oct 3, 2012
Small Town Indiana
I just opened our pool a week ago. It is in pretty good balance but the total chlorine is still a little high. This is the first year I will be adding Boric Acid and I was wondering if I need to get the chlorine level down before adding the Boric Acid. I read in the post about "so you want to add borates" that the pH and Alkalinity needed to be correct before adding Boric Acid. But it didn't say that the Chlorine level should be closer to normal. So, I was wondering when I could add the Boric Acid. Current readings
FC - 16
cc - zero
TC - 16
TA - 75
Salt - 3400
CYA - 70
pH - 7.5


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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
Hi... just curious about why you want to add borates?

I don’t see anything about borates and chlorine either, but I would be inclined to wait until your chlorine is at a more normal level.


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Feb 6, 2015
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Why do you want to add borates? To stabilize pH or another reason?

How stable is your pH with a TA of 75? If it's still rising a little too quick for your liking, lower the TA to about 60. With a SWG, a TA of 60 (or maybe as low as 50) should slow the pH rise.

FC doesn't affect adding borates.


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May 10, 2017
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Might want to run the 25 mil test on ta since the testing error is 50-100 for your test and the 25 mil test would put the error range 70-90 (if it tested at 80), pretty important difference if you add borates


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Oct 3, 2012
Small Town Indiana
I want to add borates to stabilize pH, prevent algae, silkier feeling water and clearer, 'sparkling' water. I also thought it might make the pool even easier to manage. Although for the most part pool management has
not a big problem. I do work full time and take care of my own pool. I have someone open and close the pool, but the rest of the summer it is on me. So, anything that will make LESS MAINTENANCE would be a big plus for me. My Alkalinity test is the 25 ml test and I do use the speed stir. The pH and Alkalinity have been stable since the opening. Just the Chlorine level is coming down slowly. The SWCG is off until chlorine level is down to normal. I was just afraid if borates stabilize the pool like CYA, it might prevent the chlorine level from dropping.