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Nov 23, 2018
parkland county, alberta
I am on an acreage and my well is high in iron. I have always hauled water for the hot tub. It needed a top up so i decided to try the well water. Turned it green. Bought some "clear it" and now it looks perfect. Anyone have any experience with this product?


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Apr 1, 2007
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I doubt that product had anything to do with removing the green.

The green was almost surely caused by the chlorine in your pool reacting with iron in your well water. In most cases, that returns to clear in a day or so on it's own as the iron is redissolved naturally.

The floc you used, as are all flocs and clarifiers, generally discouraged by TFP as they frequently do more harm than good.

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Looks like it's a clarifier. Clear It Concentrated Water Clarifier, 1 L | Canadian Tire

My French isn't so good, so reading the bottle label was no good for me. :) As Dave said, the clarifier probably had less to do with the change than you suspected. You might benefit from reviewing the TFP Pool School - Metals in the Water and Metal Stains page. Use the search feature above for iron in water and you'll see many, many discussions about pre-filtering, sequestrants, and other tools designed to help control water with an elevated iron content.