Clear from above cloudy in the water


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Jul 23, 2018
Milford, OH
First summer with new pool. With the guidance I have found on this forum / website it has been a breeze.
We decided to go ahead and order a solar blanket- blue bubble type. We found it easy enough to pull off and on and have been using it for several weeks.
Last week we had a pretty good rain and left the blanket in place for 2 days with the rain water on top. After pulling it off- with the rainwater going into the pool with a handful of leaves - we ran the robot several times. The next day- yesterday it was warm enough to get in. We noticed that the water looked clear from above walking around the pool but cloudy when viewed with goggles from within the pool. This was a day after we removed the cover and ran the robot twice anticipating warmer weather .

FC- 5 drop test
CYA 60
pH 7.2
TA 120

Will the filter clear this up or do I have a problem?
Any thoughts on this matter?

Thank you all!