Cleaning Concrete Decking Effectively


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Jun 4, 2012
We have a pool safety cover that gets installed each year. As you can see from the pictures, we have developed a color difference between the concrete exposed all winter and the part that is covered by the safety cover.

I've tried used a low PSI (1500) electric power washer with the 25 degree & 40 degree nozzles. Barely does anything. Tried very diluted water/bleach mixture with no real difference.

How does everyone else keep their concrete looking so good? Do I need a stronger power washer? Maybe I diluted the bleach mixture too much?

Thank you in advance for your advice! IMG_1627.jpg


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Jul 8, 2010
Ashford, CT
You might be best served by getting a real power washing company to come by and either clean your deck or give you a quote.

They have special chemicals and soaps and high powered brooms that may be best to clean your deck. I would expect its dirt with maybe
some tree pollen


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Oct 2, 2013
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You need one of these things. There are several companies who make them. They work wonders with lower psi power washers and make deck cleaning quick work. These are what the pro's use but theirs are the industrial grade type.

I bought one of these deck cleaning attachments.

After watching YouTube a few years ago, I was skeptical that it was some kind of trick. But it wasn't they work exactly like as shown in this video. One of the best inventions ever. And it won't leave streaking like a fan nozzle will do.

I bought this exact one a few years ago and it's awesome.
Simpson 3,600 psi 15 in. Surface Cleaner with Quick Connect Plug-80166 - The Home Depot

If the deck still doesnt come clean, you can rent a bigger power washer for a weekend farily inexpensively. Just dont exceed the psi rating of the attachment.

Yamaha Surface Cleaner 15 - YouTube