Cleaner won't follow schedule after adding 2nd speed to VS pump


Jun 28, 2020
Arlington, TX
When my pool was first built, the installer set the pump to a single speed (2850) following a schedule. The cleaner was also set on a schedule to run 3 hours a day at a particular time frame.

I've been reading about how great a variable speed pump is - so I decided to follow some recommendations. I lowered the regular pool motor schedule speed to 2250, and added a second speed setting at 3300 for the cleaner. The second speed is set to run with the cleaner circuit. I set the cleaner schedule to Egg Timer, so that is runs 3 hours whenever I activate it.

Now that I added the second speed, my cleaner comes on 15 minutes after startup, and runs for 20 minutes, then stops for 20 minutes, then runs 20 minutes, and repeats the process indefinitely. If I remove the 2nd speed from the motor setting (not just deactivate it - that doesn't change anything), the cleaner runs as expected only when I activate the Cleaner, for the time set for the Egg Timer. The same type thing happens if I just put the cleaner on a set schedule - except that it starts the schedule 15 minutes after the pool starts up instead of the set cleaner schedule.

What gremlin is causing this - or what have I set or failed to set? This only happens when the 2nd speed is programmed in. I've reset the entire system to factory default, and then added everything back in - and I get the same result - IF I add a second speed for cleaning - but removing the 2nd speed setting doesn't fix it - I have to factory reset to make the cleaner follow the schedule.. If I don't add a second speed for cleaning after factory reset, all works as planned & scheduled. The only constant factor with the unpredictable cleaner not following the schedule is that having a second speed (at any time) on my VS motor makes this happen.

Surely I'm just missing some setting - or something obvious to someone with knowledge. Help - I'd like to use the capabilities of this VS motor I paid for. Thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I suspect that you have the circuit function for the cleaner set to "Floor Cleaner"... I recommend you set it to Generic and see if that does not fix your problem.


Jim R.