Cleaned filters... Algae??


Jun 25, 2020
I cleaned my filters today. It was done about 6 weeks prior. This is a different color than last time I cleaned. It's been hot here in the DFW and a few months ago, I noticed my once a week chlorine (dicholor) was gone or nearly gone the following week so I started checking and adding twice a week. I was still running low.... During that span, I've noticed some yellow greenish crud on the stairs and walls. It seems to mostly come off when brushed.

After finding this site, I bought liquid chlorine and been using the pool math app every day. However, my CYA is 90-100. I did a 30 minute drain and refill(at the same time) today to try and help that. Attached are photos of the pool and cartridge filters. Help/advice would be great.

Current numbers approximated given today's chems.

Fc 10
pH 7.6
Alk. 90
Calcium 300
cYa 100 ish


Also I do not have a vacumm. Bought this house in November. It just has a roaming Debris picker upper...


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