Clamp stuck on filter cartridge-Pentair cc100


New member
Oct 18, 2020
You guys saved me. I used the infomation dated back to 2011-all good stuff. I had been trying for a week to get my clamp, screwed on wrong, off the cartridge. I tried wd-40, the pressure from the pump-stand back, and then the magic trick: Hot water and a mallet. I released the pressure on the bottom of the cartridge and let the water run out. I poured hot water, carefully, around the lid and clamp. I carefully inserted a screw driver and tapped with my mallet wherever it would fit around the lid and clamp. Then I tapped my mallet in counterclockwise position. I thought it was my imagination that it moved. I tried squeezing the releases on either side of the clamp-didn't work. I hit the release section again with gusto but not too hard: It swirled to the left. My pool filter hadn't ran for a week. This was like a miracle. I thanked the sky and all who look down on me and I thank you for all your good information.