CL is dissipating fast


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May 30, 2011
E. Bridgewater, MA
First the tests:
FC=2 (Just added 64 oz, 12.5% bleach)

Water is sparkling clear. Only obvious problem is a TON of pollen everywhere.

I performed the OCLT Monday:
CL loss 1.0
Water perfect

I'm performing one now as well. My CL is falling to quick all week, 3-5 ppm a day and today, 6 ppm and it's been cloudy and cool. Like I said, everything else is perfect. Can pollen consume CL? It is an organic. I'll write some more when the OCLT is done.

Thank you.


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Apr 1, 2007
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So, it sounds like you are reporting .5ppm or 0ppm loss of FC during the night but 5ppm during daylight.

The conclusion then is that the sun is consuming 3-5ppm daily. How much direst sunlight does your pool receive? With a CYA of 40ppm, 2-3ppm of FC is the normal FC consumption. Pollen almost surely wouldn't affect it that much and it would affect it nighttime as well.

Another daytime influence is swimmer load. Other than that, it's the same sun and the same water and the same FC we all have so it's hard to find an explanation.

3-5ppm is not overly excessive but it's above normal so perhaps there is a testing error or you have overlooked some daytime introduction of organics in the pool..