CL Industries Quartz Question


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Mar 9, 2019
Hello all,

I have been doing research on quartz pool finishes for my new pool. My builder likes to use the CL Industries product lines. I have been comparing Sunstone Select, Sunstone and Krystalkrete.

I’ve read the blurb on the company website: “SunStone and Krystalkrete use the same sized aggregate called T-Grade while SunStone Select uses a smaller aggregate called S-Grade”

I have some samples of each and the Sunstone Select does feel a lot smoother and less abrasive compared to the larger aggregate in the Sunstone and Krystalkrete products.

I plan to use my pool for water volleyball. I will also have a sunshelf for kids to play, likely with their knees down on the plaster finish.

I have a friend with a pool that used Sunstone Select, so I know that product is smooth enough to not irritate your feet with sport activities. The problem is I do like the color selection a lot better with the Krystalkrete line, and would like to go with it, but I am worried that I can’t risk going with a more abrasive finish.

Does anyone have any practical experience to share with these products? Thanks!


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Jul 10, 2012
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I have a liner pool so no personal input BUT have read here quite often about how smooth the smaller pebbles are. If you want a REALLY smooth surface go plain plaster. It makes a very pretty water color as well!