CircuPool TotalBalance CO2 pH Control (Acid Free)


Jul 24, 2017
San Diego
I received an email concerning a new product that CircuPool has come up with: its TotalBalance CO2 pH Control (Acid Free).

I assume that I received this information/brochure because I have an RJ-60 SWCG...and must've given them my email when I registered it.

The product purports to work by injecting CO2 into the pool water via the drain ports of your pump...coupled with an electric control box that monitors/titrates the amount of CO2 that is necessary. It does require obtaining a CO2 tank (or two, or three, connected together), which needs refilling quarterly to seasonally depending on conditions with your pool and water.

It just struck me as a curious product to automatically control pH, although it seems expensive and involves getting CO2 canister refills that might be a hassle, particularly as an occasional splash of muriatic acid keeps my pH reasonably in check.

I searched the site and found a bit of discussion about using CO2 to control pH in this thread: Co2 for PH control

But I was interested in what others thought about CircuPool's product and its "patented process" of CO2 infusion method of controlling pH?



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Jul 7, 2014
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Interesting, but way too expensive for what it does... Adding MA once a week is not such a problem that I need to automate pH control...

Jim R.
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Aug 4, 2014
San Clemente, CA
Water parks and commercial pools have used CO2 for pH control for decades. The constant need to lower the pH coupled with the health department mandated TA levels means large volumes of acid followed by sodium bicarbonate to raise the TA back into range. Since CO2 only lowers the pH and doesn't change the TA, it's the ideal solution for balancing the pH for these types of pools/facilities.

For a residential pool its not worth the expense since the pH is easily controlled and the TA can be maintained low enough that the pH doesn't rise excessively from aeration/outgassing.
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Jun 12, 2009
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The process may be patented, but using CO2 to lower pH is not new. Bdavis has the most important tidbit: it lowers pH but not TA. Most residential pools can get relatively stable pH by allowing the TA to drop until the water finds its equilibrium. If TA is high it draws up the pH so we add acid which lowers both and corrects the problem now and makes headway towards correcting it long-term. With CO2 you don't actually make any headway towards correcting the problem, so if the TA is high then you just burn through CO2 maintaining pH.

For residential pools looking for automation an acid injector is a much better option.