Circupool SmartFlo VS Pump - Help with Limited Scheduling Options


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Mar 28, 2017
Last week I installed a Circupool Edge-40 SWG and a Circupool SmartFlo VS Pump. They are working great and I'm loving the consistent FC levels and lower daily kwh usage, plus a $250 rebate from my power company. The one disappointment has been with the schedule programming limitation with the pump. It only allows four speed changes throughout a 24 h period and they must be consecutive (can't pause intermittently between speed changes). This doesn't work well for me because I get leaves dropping in the pool surface throughout the day, so I like to run a high speed cycle every few hours to clean the surface before the leaves sink to the pool floor.

So, I'm considering moving the pump wiring from the Line connection to the Load connection of my Intermatic timer so that I can turn it on and off throughout the day as needed to skim the pool. I'd then program the VS pump to run 24 h a day at the minimum RPM necessary to skim the pool, which for me is about 2400 RMP. I think that the pump will retain its program in memory during momentary power outages, so should run at 2400 RPM whenever regaining power from the timer.

Everything I've seen on TFP recommends wiring VS pumps so that they are always have power however, so please let me know if this is a bad idea... like shortening the life of the pump circuitry by cycling power several times a day.

As always, thank you all for any advice. TFP has been extremely helpful with pool maintenance since joining a few years ago.
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