Circupool RJ60 Plus Installation


May 30, 2018
Milton, GA
I purchased the Circupool RJ60 over a year ago and am just now looking at installing it. I've done some electrical wiring in my house, but all the wiring to the Aqualink was done by the installer. There is a breaker box for service to the pool equipment. I have a non-variable speed 240V pump. I looked at the Aqualink manual and get the general idea of wiring 240V to a relay.

Circupool's installation manual implies that I can simply wire the SWG to the pump's relay to insure that the SWG will not power on while the pump is off (a bit of a fail-safe since SWG has a water flow detector). Am I interpreting this correctly? Is it OK to double-up 240V wires on a 3HP relay? I would hate to blow up my PCB which was replaced a couple of years ago. On the other hand, I would hate to hire an over-priced pool person to do it...


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Jul 21, 2013
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Post a pic of the wiring in your Aqualink.

You should be able to connect both the pump and SWG power wires to the filter/pump relay.
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