Circupool RJ60+ Install & VS Pump


Sep 12, 2018
Boonton NJ

Newer member here but thought I'd share. This weekend I took it upon myself install a new Circupool 3HP VS Pump and RJ60+ SWG and figured I'd share. Install was fairly straight forward.
The pool equipment is installed in the back of the property. First I built up the structure for the SWG controller using a 4x4 and 1x6 treated lumber. Salt water generator control is wired into an intermatic timer and will turn on/off with the pump.


Unfortunately, I bought the house with the pool installed so I'll have to work with whats installed. Previous owner did not put in a nice foundation for the equipment which will be a future project. I wanted to put more clearance over the pump but space is tight. Enjoy and I'll let you know my thoughts review/preformance in a few months. I'm in northern, nj and the pool water is only 54F, won't be opened for a few more weeks, fingers crossed no leaks. please don't comment there is no glue in the pipe joints. Pic is from the dry fit and I've never been great with making clean PVC joints :)

Have a great day!