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Jun 11, 2021
Bloomington, IL
Hi All - We opened our pool this spring, and our salt cell (about five years old) sprung a leak and needed to be replaced. Our model is "RJ-45" (see picture below). I called CircuPool, it was under partial warranty, and I ordered a replacement. The first cell they sent us was an RJ-45NR-RC. It didn't fit right (the thickness of the outer wall is different than our old salt cell, so the O-rings don't seem to fit right, and the cell can't be tightened all the way to the unions). We called them back to troubleshoot, and they said that they actually should have sent us an RJ-45N-RC (I think this is the RJ-45 Plus), so we waited a week, got that one, but the thickness of the outer walls is still different than our old salt cell.

At this point, I'm getting frustrated, so thought I'd ask here! Do we still not have the correct salt cell (ie - is there a plain "RJ-45" like our old one?) or did the salt cell change in the past five years? CircuPool assured us there were not changes in the product, but it's clear from the picture below that the thickness of the walls changed. Should we just order new unions at this point and have a plumber redo the plumbing?

Pics below of the old salt cell and the RJ-45N-RC. Thanks in advance!


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Going with fresh unions might be the best way. Still, if you want another opinion, or wish to discuss measurements some more, you might try contacting Discount Salt Pools. They show the same replacement cell on their website, but perhaps they can explain the difference in wall thickness.


Jun 11, 2021
Bloomington, IL
Keep us posted for sure as this will likely come up again. (y)

How much of the cost did they credit you? Their warranties are often quoted, but rarely put into practice.
They gave us about 20% off I think…they said we had one year left on our warranty, so they prorated the price. We bought the house two years ago with this salt cell, so don’t know when it was purchased…just had to go with what they said!
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