CircuPool RJ45+ Cell Connection Error


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May 16, 2011
Update: PCB adapter arrived very quickly and is working fine. I mus say, Circupool was very responsive and obviously knows about this and took care of me without issue. Also, I never should have waited so long to convert to salt. It has made life way easier without having to worry about adding bleach every day or when we go away.
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Sep 24, 2022
Sacramento, California
I recently purchased the RJ45+ package in May 2020 and just installed it in Late June. Since installing it, it has had an error of Cell Connection. I contacted CircuPool directly about this problem and they sent me an adaptor to install that "should" fix the problem. Got it installed and still said the same thing on the display "Cell Connection". I called them a second time to discuss the issue and they decided to ship me a NEW cell as a replacement. Got it last week and still didn't fix the problem. Called them back a third time and they sent a return label for the controller and the replacement cell. This problem occurs when plugging the unit in to Power it up. It shows "Cell Connection" whether the Cell is plugged in or disconnected. Also, The Power light is on but you cannot turn the unit off or scroll through any of the menu options. It just stays on and you have to unplug to Power it down. I received an email yesterday (July 22) and here's what they said. See below for their replay. Here are the things I've checked per installing and trying to troubleshoot.
Switched wiring to 110V
Made sure unit was completely dry per installing
Checked connection pins on the bottom of the control box to make sure they weren't pushed up
Double and triple checked direction of the Flow Switch and Cell
Has anyone had this issue and what did you end up doing to solve?

Email received

Order Notes​

Your equipment passed all tests and all readings were accurate. The equipment is 100% operational and NO parts have been found to need replacement. We could not recreate a cell connection issue.
I'm having the exact same issue. However, I installed my CircuPool RJ 45+ back in June of 2020 and it was working fine until today (9/24/2022). Now when the system comes on the CircuPool is stuck on the message "Cell Connection" and the keypad is not functioning. I also purchased my CircuPool RJ45+ back in May of 2020. I can't believe CircuPool is trying to charge money (magic box) to repair a failed Chlorine Generator that is still covered by Warranty.

Thanks Jay
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