Circupool regret?


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Sep 7, 2019
Southeast, PA
We recently purchased a CircuPool RJ 60Plus. The plan is to install it after we get some electrical work done.

Today we had a pool remodel company out for an estimate and we mentioned that we’re going to salt. He says we should absolutely be going with Hayward goldline and hoped that we could return the CircuPool.
I went with CircuPool based on comments on here. Did I make a mistake?? This is a big investment...


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Jun 16, 2019
There are 100 ways to skin a cat and even more opinions out there. Everyone is allowed their favorite. We aren’t profiting from you though, so you never have to question why we steer you a certain way. You can still disagree, or choose a different way that works for you, but the PB makes his money selling his equipment.

with automation you want to stick with whatever brand you already have so they all speak the same language. If you just need a stand-alone SWG, it’s hard to beat the circupool........ easy install, high production, cheaper than most and a great warranty.

you did good.
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Jul 7, 2014
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You want a system that is rated for a 60K pool.. There is no doubt that Hayward makes a good cell, but the largest cell they make is 40K system...

You could get away with a 40K cell, but will have to run your single speed pump a lot longer to generate the amount of chlorine your pool will need.

Also.. think of cell size as a tank of gas.. Which tank will run out first, a 40 gallon tank or a 60 gallon tank???

I like Hayward cells, but in this case you made the right decision..

As New Dude point out... Who do you trust? Us, or the guy who is trying to sell you something???


Jim R.
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Sep 7, 2019
Southeast, PA
Thank you everyone for your replies! I feel better about our choice.

Someone mentioned keeping the controller weather protected. What’s the best way to do that? Create housing for the swg?


May 26, 2010
North Eastern, NJ
Thank you, here's another picture. I fastened the controller's mounting bracket internally, to a piece of a 1x4 externally. I then sunk a 4' 90* slotted sheet metal rod into the ground, similar to the one used for the service box originally installed by Anthony Sylvan sometime in the mid 80's, and mounted a copper fitting so that's it bonded. I also drilled 3/4" holes for electric and cell connections.


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Nov 13, 2017
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I just completed my install yesterday of the 60+. I was leaning toward hayward initially, as I was leaning toward some automation. After switching to a robot cleaner, I eliminated the need for valve automation. I did WAY more research that I needed to -- went with Circupool. Planning the plumbing took the most effort. I'm not sure it took 45 minutes total to install.

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Jun 5, 2019
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Or you can do what I did and buy the Universal 40 which basically IS the Hayward Goldline. They used to make a 60K version of that, but they only sell replacement cells for it now. Forget what the "remodel" company said, they want the $900 to install it. Hayward and Pentair both give you basically no warranty if you install yourself.

And for that big of a pool? Probably want to sell you two of the Haywards. So it will be.. 4x what you paid. You'll be happy with the Circupool.

I know I sound like a meany when I say bad stuff about the pool industry but this is exactly why I do it....

And for automation? I suppose that it could be a good thing, but I am finding that once you figure out the sweet spot, it's pretty much set it and forget it, so I don't know how automation would really help.. maybe to monitor salt level? That and set output is all you can really do with the Goldline anyway....