Choosing what type of chemical to use


May 28, 2012
So I cant decide weather to use Chlorine or Baquacil.

What is the pro's and con's of both?

I am sorry if there is a thread on this already.
Which one is easier to maintain, pool newbi here


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May 7, 2007
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mpacheco72 said:
I have never, ever met anyone that was happy with their baquacil pool. Never!
We have had a few people who still like baqua show up here, but they are dramatically outnumbered by the people who have had nothing but problems.

The big thing baqua has going for it is that it isn't chlorine. Other than that, it is more expensive, more difficult to keep balanced, and tends to stop working after a year or two unless you replace half your water and your filter media/cartridge every year. For the extremely small number of people with a true chlorine allergy (nearly every who thinks they are allergic are actually allergic to byproducts produced when chlorine pools are poorly maintained) baqua is the only choice. Otherwise you should avoid it.