Choosing the right plaster, please help! (white v. ansylbrite v. pearls)


May 30, 2020
Hello everyone!

I am super excited to be fulfilling my childhood dream this summer by building a pool. Oh goodness, it just can't come soon enough.

The team came to do the gunite a couple of days ago and now the shell is under cover, and "curing" (see pic).

I am having a really tough time figuring out what type of plaster to install. I was going to go for the plain white to save on cost, but I've been inspired to rethink things. My pool builder, Anthony and Sylvan, has offered us several upgrade options, including a range of ansylbrite colors, as well as pearl finishes.

My first question to the forum: Does ansylbrite or pearl plaster extend the life of the plaster? I live in Baltimore, MD and our winters are typically mild.

And then my next concern is of course about picking a type/color. I've searched online for images but am not having a lot of luck. If you've used one of these materials, could you possibly reply to this thread with a pic or two?

All the very best,