Choosing surface tile to compliment Stone Tropics Blue! HELP!😱😱😱

Jeff Uzzle

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Sep 21, 2020
Tampa FL
Hey everyone this is my first post! I’m really having a hard time finding just the right tile to compliment Stonescapes Tropics Blue! first The obvious choose was Light Waves Aquamarine which I really like. However our PB feels it’s over priced and there are other brands just as good. He led me to Equinox dark blue. I like Equinox ok, I guess. Now I’m totally confused. You can see the direction I‘m going in as far as the glass iridescent tiles are concerned. I would like the tile to compliment the water color as apposed to having a very “dark shiny ring” around the top edge of the pool. Can anyone PLEASE give me some advice about how and why they chose what they choose?!? Also I tend to like the one inch square tiles I think they look more contemporary than the 1-1/2 tiles that remind me of a kitchen back splash! Again any advise and or photos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much and have a great day!🤗


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Sep 3, 2018
Gilbert, AZ
Those are beautiful! Do you think they are overpriced? If that’s what you want and it’s in your budget then go for it. Don’t let him talk you into anything. He isn’t going to be living with the pool like you will be. Try googling pool tile and just start looking at all the different brands. You will probably find something very similar. Funny how you mentioned the 1x2s look like a backsplash because that’s exactly why I like them 🤣.