Choosing our pool finish - plaster vs. Pebble Fina vs. Wet Edge Primera Stone


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Aug 2, 2019
New to TFP, and I’ve read several posts about pool finishes here so we’ve at least narrowed it down some. My quandary is picking our finish between white plaster, Pebble Fina, or Wet Edge Primera Stone. As you can tell we want a smooth pool finish. I know the other two upgraded choices will probably last longer but they cost quite a bit more if we choose them so I’m trying to understand if anyone has resurfaced their old plaster with either Pebble Fina or another aggregate finish and how easy or hard that was? Was it expensive compared to putting it in with install, how well did it adhere to the plaster? Concerns?

Background, our pool will be 40’ x 15’ with a Baja shelf, swim lane, and a bench that runs along the 40’ wall. It will be 4’ depth in the shallow end and 6’ in the deeper end. Our PB has $5,000 allocated for white plaster. If we upgrade to Pebble Fina it would be $,5000 more ($10,000) and if we upgrade to Wet Edge Primera Stone it would be $9,000 more than white plaster ($14,000 total). It would stretch out budget to upgrade but putting in a high quality finish that will last longer is very appealing as I’d rather spend money on the infrastructure up front.

Welcome any and all comments and suggestions!


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Jun 11, 2018
League City, Texas
Here’s how I see it. First, any of the three will provide a nice finish for your pool. Given an equal amount of care, the other two finishes will still last longer. I’m not sure about Pebble Fina longevity as I did not research that one but if it’s similar to their other finishes, it will probably last longer than regular white plaster. If you go with regular plaster, you will have to resurface it before either of the other two and it will cost more to refinish it than the $4-5 thousand you’d pay to upgrade now. If you don’t plan on staying in your house that long, then the question is moot. If you plan on staying there long term, then I would opt for one of the other two. Just my $0.02.


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Apr 6, 2018
Sugar Land, Texas
We have the Sapphire Treasure and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s as smooth as normal plaster that’s for sure. To me, the finish makes the pool! Worth every nickel if you can afford it in my opinion.