Choosing hardscaping

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Oct 16, 2020
New England
Hello! I am in the process of having a gunite pool installed. I live in New England and they have done construction up to the gunite phase. In the Spring, they will finish with pebble sheen coating, water line tile, fence, hardscaping, etc... Having so many months between phase one and phase two is great in some ways (I can spread out the payments!), but it also is giving me too much time to make decisions about what I want. I keep changing my mind! I'd love some advice on whether I should go with pebble sheen French grey versus arctic white. I was set on French grey for months but am now unsure if I need more of a lightness-to-darkness contrast. The deck near the pool (won't lead directly to pool, there will be grass and a black aluminum fence between the two), is a dark grey composite material (attached in images). We are using hardscaping from Techo-bloc in Riviera grey (also dark grey) for the coping (attached, rough edge). I am also leaning towards the shale grey (attached) for the pavers. Waterline tile is black slate. I can lighten things up with umbrellas, chairs, etc... but would love some opinions on water color. I've attached several pics. There is a lighter paver option I attached as well, called greyed silver, but it looks sort of flat to me. I do plan on seeing the options in person, which I'm presuming will help. Thanks so much!


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Jan 17, 2012
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I like the second to last "tile like" gray as it has variations of light and dark and looks most compatible with the Trex like decking closer to the house.

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