Sep 16, 2017
Houston, TX
Our pool motor had to be replaced. I used liquid chlorine to try and keep things okay until it got replaced. Based on "clumps" on the bottom of the pool that show up over night, I started the SLAM and they were almost non existent this morning. I have pretty high CYA, but seem to be able to maintain a clear pool by keeping everything else in a balance based on your app. My question is whenever I measure chorine it appears the FC and TC are the same. I know historically when I did the low end pool store CL pH tests this was not always true. But it seems they are now always the same - but I will admit to not always putting in the second set of drops to check. So I just wanted to make sure I wasn't interpreting the test results incorrectly. So when I add the second set of drops - the color remains the same. The booklet says the two tests measure TC and FC and to subtract FC from TC to get CC. It seems like with high CYA this would be improbable. Or should I be using a different test to more precisely measure? Or if everything stays clear and others stay in range not worry about it.


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May 3, 2014
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If you are using the K2005, that uses color matching.
TFPC recommends getting a FAS-DPD kit to measure FC and CC.
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