Chlorine Tabs?


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Apr 25, 2017
30,000 gallon plaster
CYA 30
FC 3.0
PH 7.6

I like the bleach method of chlorination and have been using it couple of years with good results as long as i am home.
My problem is that i find myself needing to add at least some bleach (1/4 gallon) daily or every other day to maintain chlorine levels.
(This is with minimal or no swimmers.)
When i am out of town a few days my chlorine goes way down.

Does this sound like normal chlorine usage?
What are your thoughts on adding chlorine tabs to the skimmer while out of town?
What type of tablets would your recommend?
Or do i need to raise my CYA?


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AZOG, Welcome to TFP! :wave: A few thoughts/suggestions that may help:
- Please update your location to clarify where Flora is. It makes a difference in our recommendations. :)
- Using only about 1/4 gal of bleach in a 30K pool each day is very good. My pool is just under 18K and I add 1/2 gal each evening which equates to about 2.5 ppm. We always say if you can manage your 24 hr FC loss between 2-4 ppm, you're doing very well.
- Can you use tabs? Yes, although they will have trichlor or dichlor stabilizer in them, so be careful that CYA doesn't get too high on you. Tabs are also acidic, so never place tabs in the skimmer. If you don't have an in-line chlorinator, purchase a floater and let them float around the pool that way.
- If you have to leave town for a couple days, you might be able to simply raise your FC level closer to the SLAM level and it may last 2-3 days for you. If not, then a tab or two may help as well.

Hope that helps. Nice to have you with us.


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Oct 7, 2016
It doesn't sound like you travel that much. I wouldn't worry about using chlorine tablets for peace of mind while on longer trips away from home. I do that. Yes I gain some CYA but I also lose some during normal backwashing so to me, CYA rise is not a big concern compared to worrying about low chlorine levels.