Chlorine Quick Test above 5ppm


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Jun 3, 2020
Fargo, ND
I know that my TF-100 is the best bet for getting accurate chlorine levels, but is there a quick tester like the one that comes with the TF-100 kit that goes beyond 5ppm? I like to use that little tester every day we are in the pool just to check, but my recommended FC level for my pool is between 5-8 ppm with CYA at 40 to 50. I'd love to find another way to see the level above 5ppm without having to do the drop test and shovel the powder and all that.

Is there anything out there? Google was little use.



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Jun 12, 2011
I do a daily quick test, i just make sure the color is Beyond the higuest color on the scale. Not looking for accuracy, just confirms there is about the right amount of Chlorine. You don’t want to see light pale yellow or brown (with chunks). You get to were you can judge when it’s in the right range.
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Apr 1, 2007
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There is no quick test above 5 ppm but Chief's method will work perfectly.
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