Chlorine Pucks in skimmer?


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May 16, 2012
Lexington, SC
I read in another post (and didn't want to hijack it) that we shouldn't be putting pucks in the skimmers unless the pump is running 24/7. I've heard this before but have had trouble finding the exact reason for it. Can someone explain?

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Jun 23, 2009
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There are a couple of reasons.
1) If you stop the pump, the tablets continue to dissolve and build up a high level of chlorine in the skimmer and when the pump starts back, all that chlorine goes through the system possibly damaging equipment.
2) Trichlor is also pretty acidic and along with building up chlorine, it lowers the pH a lot and it passes very low pH water through the system when the pump is started back.

Neither of those things are good for your equipment, and over time it will damage it.