chlorine levels


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May 22, 2012
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Quick question regarding chlorine levels. switched from baquacil to chlorine (that was an adventure) but my water is clear now. I have a 21ft above ground and decided to use 3" tabs in a floater. I put 3 slow disolving tabs in floater and 1 in the skimmer and for 2 days test strip indicates 0 chlorine. Im not sure what to make of it as it seems that should be plenty. Do the tabs disolve as the pool needs the chlorine or do I need faster disolving tabs or maybe granules. I dont want to lose the water


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May 19, 2010
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Tabs add CYA ... keep an eye on that so it does not get too high.

Never put tabs in skimmer unless you leave the pump on 24/7.

Tabs are slow to add chlorine ... better off using liquid chlorine.

Test strips (as well as pool stores) are notoriously unreliable for consistent test results. Get one of the kits we recommend and you will be better off at maintaining your pool (although I wonder how you converted without it).

Read Pool School for more info about understanding your pool.