Chlorine levels, pH and CYA...a few q's


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Apr 18, 2010
Hello all,
New salt water pool owner.
Things have been going well, but a few q's as i get more into this:

1) Our Poolpilot Digital is set to 25% now, yet our FC levels are in the 8.0 - 8.5 range. Seems high given the fact that it is on 25%. I did notice the power level is set to 2 and not 1. Should I adjust?

2) Our CYA seems to be at about 60. Assume I should probably bring this up a bit (to 80) but with the high FC i wasnt sure.

3) My target pH is 7.6, Seems like I need to add about 20-30oz of acid/day to keep it there. I've typically just used the cheapie pentair kit. Today I tried the taylor kit in out TF-100 and it gave me a reading ~0.3 lower. Seems odd...any rationale?



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Nov 5, 2008
Is this a new pool with salt water or an old pool with new salt water system or an old pool with an old salt water system and a new owner?


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May 20, 2007
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Turn the setting down to 1, your CYA is fine. It's normal to have to use a lot of acid while the plaster cures. It will slow over time but you can expect the ph to drift up for a full year.

I would trust the taylor kit over any other.

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