Chlorine level?


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Jun 24, 2008
Ok so this pool stuff isnt near as hard as I first thought it was going to be.
My levels now are:
FC 4
CC 0
TC 4
PH 7.5
T/A 100
CYA 37

According to the CYA and FC chart my target FC should be about 5 well right now its at 4 and it still bothers my eyes a little :shock: . Will it hurt to let it drop to 3 (which is what it drops to every day while at work) and keep it there. What if it drops to 2 before I get home to add bleach to it, will I start getting problems like that? How long after I add bleach to it do I need to keep kids out of the water?

Thanks for your help.


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May 7, 2007
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It isn't the FC level that is bothering your eyes. Even far higher FC levels wont bother your eyes at all. Usually it is either low PH or CC that bothers eyes. Since your PH is reasonable, it is most likely that raising FC will solve the stinging eye problem by wiping out whatever it is that is causing the problem.

If your FC level drops below 3 you are likely to have problems, you might not but why risk it?