Chlorine holding during SLAM


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May 5, 2019
started my SLAM. I feel as if I’m a SLAM champion after last year, what a hot mess that was. This year I had so many things going for me, aside from the green pool. But seriously, I didn’t even have tadpoles this year! Or mounds and mounds of pinestraw hiding at the bottom of the pool. This will be an EASY FIX!

2 weeks later*

anyway! Hope you guys have been well! Started SLAM roughly 2 weeks ago. My intex pool filter takes forever to clear a pool which is mostly fine, I have nothing but time these days.

FC- 14 (I over shoot since I’m having to use cal hyp)

pH -7.2 which I haven’t tested since starting.

I’m curious as to why my pool is still a green murky cloudy color BUT my chlorine holds like a champ.
Added yesterday morning and haven’t had to add any since.
Regents aren’t expired YET. But will next month. I’ve ordered refills already.

I’m mostly just curious.

reading PSI on pump and backwashing twice a day so the filter is working pretty hard. Bless it, it’s seen some things.
Hope you stay safe!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
With well water there is a good chance you have iron in your water. At elevated FC levels it will show as green or brown water.

Do you have a skimmer on your pool?


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May 5, 2019
No skimmer. I had to remove it last year because it kept malfunctioning and was the reason behind the air in my pump etc. or I assume it was because once I removed it all was well.