Chlorine costs

Jul 15, 2011
Henderson, NV
Sadly after calling all the pool supply places here in Vegas, none sell bulk refillable chlorine. Leslie's seems to have the best price I can find 12.5% 4 1 gallon for $13.56/$3.39 gallon. Last I bought was 2 1 gallon 10% for $7.88/$3.94 gallon. How do these prices compare or does anyone know of a better place to go in the Las Vegas/Henderson area


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Jul 21, 2010
Antelope, CA
To make my life simple and because the difference are minimal...less than a dollar. I buy at Wal-Mart the 2 gallon box of 10% for $6.74 or the 182 oz (1.5 gallon) Great Value 6% for $2.98 each. Home Depot (which next door to the Wal_Mart at my store) is also less than $7.00 for two gallons of 10%.

No deposits needed , 24 hour access, no temptation for the other "stuff" in the pool store and I can do it while buying groceries or that thing I needed to fix that broken thing she asked me to fix.


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Jun 5, 2012
DFW, Texas

Sounds like Leslie's is your best deal. Wish I could get 12.5% for $3.39 gallon. For comparison purposes, best deal I have found here in DFW is 6% bleach sold in package of 3-182 oz bottles @ Sam's and Costco. Works out to $2/gallon. Home Depot near me carries 4-pack of 10% liquid chlorine for $4.16/gallon, but I am suspect of how long it may have been sitting around which can impact its actual strength (cannot find a date on the package).

Prices and availability of bleach and especially liquid chlorine tend to vary significantly among locations. None of the pool stores near me carry liquid chlorine which perplexes me and others in this area. When I ask, I get the usual "Why would you want to do that?" :roll: The same pool store chain carries it in other areas, so apparently it is OK to use it outside of DFW. :wink: